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Are You a Busy Twitter Influencer?


Engage Your Audience and Save Time...

  • Do you have a lot of followers on Twitter and want to keep your audience engaged with new content?
  • Normally this takes a lot of time —and you are smart enough to know that time is money.
  • What if you could keep your Twitter feed active and engaging without having to spend time?

See how MoSquatch can help you dominate Twitter...

MoSquatch helps you:

  • Mosquatch is a service done for you, so no time is stolen from your day.
  • MoSquatch tweets look like any other tweet. Nobody will know he posted for you.
  • MoSquatch can do targeted retweets for you.
  • MoSquatch only puts out high quality content. He does not post content from people who paid to get shared.
  • MoSquatch only posts new content. You do not have to worry about embarrassing content from months ago.
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MoSquatch is a beast...

When your Twitter account is too important to trust to sloppy & ineffective curation services.

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