Better Content Curation for Twitter


Content curation as a service. Entirely custom created & tailored to your audience.


Engage Your Audience

Keeping your Twitter feed active and engaging is important — especially when you are working to grow your Twitter influence.

But this takes time.  Time you don’t always have.

MoSquatch has great benefits:

  • No echo chamber (sharing same content as everyone else). Every MoSquatch account is unique.
  • Tweets that look truly organic and are not obviously automated.
  • Targeted retweeting.
  • Only high quality tweets. No garbage content from people who paid to get listed or shared.
  • Current content only. No embarrassing content from months ago or years past.
  • No surprises. MoSquatch will never put out untargeted or strange tweets.
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When your Twitter account is too important to trust to sloppy & ineffective curation services. You need Mo...

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