About — MoSquatch


Sharing engaging and insightful content is a core strategy for any business or individual hoping to establish authority. This is why content curation solutions exist.

With today's 24/7 social media universe sharing great content frequently is a daunting task. MoSquatch finds you the best content and automatically shares it for you.

MoSquatch gives you benefits that content curation tools cannot deliver

MoSquatch was built to resolve the flaws of existing curation tools along with the extra benefit of being a complete content curation service and not just a content curation tool.

That means no time requirement for you at all.

Some of the other benefits of MoSquatch:

  • No echo chamber (sharing the same content as everyone else). Every MoSquatch account is developed 100% uniquely by hand.
  • Our tweets sent for you look like any other tweet — nobody will know they were tweeted for you.
  • MoSquatch can do targeted retweeting for you. This is a not only great for sharing cool content, but for getting noticed by important people or businesses.
  • We put out nothing but high-quality tweets. This means no garbage content from people who paid to get content promoted. We are not getting paid to promote content from bloggers or special interests like other curation services. We only care about putting out the best content for you.
  • We put out new content only. Our advanced searching algorithm only goes back the past 24 hours. You do not have to worry about sharing content from several months ago.
  • No surprises. Other services can put out untargeted or even inappropriate tweets. MoSquatch would never do this to you.

As you can see above...there is no telling that this tweet was delivered by MoSquatch.

Content curation statistics

MoSquatch also provides stats for the content we delivered for you — so you can see how well the service is working for you.

Easy & engaging content curation

Not only does MoSquatch save you time and effort...but most MoSquatch tweets outperform other tweets by generating more likes and retweets.

Example MoSquatch feeds

Seeing is believing, so here are some social media feeds that are heavily driven by the MoSquatch content curation service.